How to Talk to Anyone at Work: 72 Little Tricks for Big Success Communicating on the Job 1 9781260108439 From the bestselling author of How to Talk to Anyone comes a book dedicated to helping business professionals at any level communicate for success on the job You face tough communication challenges every day at work, both in person and online—a toxic boss, backstabbing coworkers, office politics, and much more. Here are immediate, effective, eye-opening actions you can take to resolve those infuriating problems. You will find stories and examples drawn from corporate communications consultant Leil Lowndes’s more than 20 years of training business professionals, from entry-level new hires to CEOs. To succeed today, you must exhibit these crucial qualities, the 5 Cs: CONFIDENCE 10 ways to show your boss and colleagues you are 100 percent self-assured and can achieve whatever you want—and reinforce this image throughout your entire working relationship CARING 14 strategies to demonstrate you care about your colleagues and the company because “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” CLARITY 12 techniques to get your ideas across clearly—and ensure you understand everybody you work with CREDIBILITY 14 methods to win the trust and respect of everyone at your company—and impress people who find you on the web COEXISTENCE (WITH CRUEL BOSSES & CRAZY COLLEAGUES) 21 tactics to confront the number one workplace nightmare and come out shining Plus one final astonishing technique to guarantee success and happiness in your professional life. After you’ve mastered the unique “bag of little tricks” in this book, you will know How to Talk to Anyone at Work!
How to Talk to Anyone at Work: 72 Little Tricks for Big Success Communicating on the Job

How to Talk to Anyone at Work: 72 Little Tricks for Big Success Communicating on the Job

1st Edition
By Leil Lowndes
ISBN10: 1260108430
ISBN13: 9781260108439
Copyright: 2018

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ISBN10: 1260108430 | ISBN13: 9781260108439



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Part I: Confidence

1. Your Confidence (or Lack of It) Stands Out Like a Fly in the Sugar Bowl

2. Your First Move

3. How to Look Dynamic All Day Long

4. Big Thinkers Move Big

5. You Are So Much More Than Your Job Description

6. What's Your On-the-Job Face?

7. Your Biggest Confidence Barometer

8. A Crafty Way to Calculate Their Confidence--and Convince Them of Yours

9. How to Sound Self-Assured in E-mail and IM

10. Can You Be Too Confident?

Part II: Caring

11. Treat Their Ego Like Eggshells

12. Is the Sincere Smile and Oxymoron at Work?

13. Track Them with Your Torso

14. Don't Give Hit-and-Run Praise

15. "Good Eye Contact" Is Not Enough!

16. How to Establish Rapport Without Sacrificing Your Principles

17. Is It Better to Be Liked or Respected at Work?

18. E-mail Amity

19. Can You Be Too Nice at Work?

20. Should You Have Close Friends at Work?

21. A Primal Need

Part III: Clarity

22. How to "See" What They're Saying

23. Make Their Words Your Words

24. It's a "Communication Problem"! Duh

25. Put Some Life in Your Listening

26. Communicating in a Shrinking World

27. Talking to the Opposite Sex (Now That's a Foreign Language!)

28. How to Make Complicated Concepts Clear

29. Time Is Money, Especially at Work

30. Shorter Is Sweeter--and Clearer

31. Kick But

32. What's the Weather Got to Do with Success?

Part IV: Credibility

33. The World Sees You as the Web Sees You--So Watch Out!

34. Truth or Consequences (the Consequences Can Be Huge)

35. Another Integrity Wrecker

36. When a Little Lie is Unavoidable

37. When You're Late to Work

38. Come Out Smelling Like a Rose When You're Guilty as Heck

39. Make Presentations to Gain Credibility

40. Professional Speakers' Secrets

41. Convincing Coworkers to See Things Your Way in Meetings

42. Grammar Snobs Can Kill Careers

43. Are You Credible? (or Just, Like, Credible?)

44. How to Lose Credibility Fast

45. The Mind Does Not Belong in a Cage (but Sometimes You're Trapped)

Part V: Coexistence (With Cruel Bosses and Crazy Colleagues)

46. Is This the Section You've Been Waiting For?

47. The Hypercritical Bully Boss

48. When Your Boss Goes Ballistic

49. Get It in Writing--Your Own!

50. Is Your Boss a Control Freak, or a Freak out of Control

51. Does Reporting a Problem to HR Help?

52. When Your Blood Starts to Boil

53. When You're Unjustly Accused

54. When You're Justly Accused (i.e., Guilty)

55. Get What You Want from Busy Bosses

56. Wouldn't Work Be Great If It Weren't for the People? 

57. Gagging Coworkers You Can't Stand

58. Gossiper's Friend Today Is Gossiper's Victim Tomorrow

59. How to Skillfully Squash Interrupters

60. How to Disagree Without Declaring War

61. Before Telling a Coworker Anything

62. Don't Bite the Hand That Signs Your Paycheck

Part VI: Conclusion

63. The Office of Tomorrow

64. Understanding the Human Animal