Health Education: Elementary and Middle School Applications

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Health Education: Elementary and Middle School Applications

Chapter 1 Coordinated School Health

Chapter 2 Comprehensive School Health Education

Chapter 3 Standards-Based Planning, Teaching, and Assessment in Health Education

Chapter 4 Building and Managing the Safe and Positive Learning Education

Chapter 5 Promoting Mental and Emotional Health

Chapter 6 Promoting Healthy Eating

Chapter 7 Promoting Physical Activity

Chapter 8 Promoting Safety and Preventing Unintentional Injury

Chapter 9 Promoting Personal Health and Wellness

Chapter 10 Preventing Intentional Injuries and Violence

Chapter 11 Promoting a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

Chapter 12 Promoting an Alcohol- and Other Drug-Free Lifestyle

Chapter 13 Promoting Sexual Health

Chapter 14 Managing Loss, Death, and Grief