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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Polymers and Plastics (Carol M.F. Barry, Anne-Marie Baker, Joey L. Mead)

Chapter 2: Thermoplastics (Anne-Marie Baker, Joey L. Mead)

Chapter 3: Thermosets (Rudolph D. Deanin)

Chapter 4: Elastomers (Aubert Y. Coran)

Chapter 5: Plastic Additives (Rudolph D. Deanin)

Chapter 6: Nanomanufacturing with Polymers (Daniel Schmidt, Joey L. Mead, Carol M.F. Barry)

Chapter 7: Plastics Joining (Edward M. Petrie)

Chapter 8: Plastics Recycling and Biodegradable Plastics (Susan E. Selke)

Chapter 9: Plastics and Elastomers: Automotive Applications (K. Sehanobish and Tom Traugott)