The Handbook for Leaders
Table of Contents

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1. Extraordinary leadership

2. Leaders can be Made

3. Great leaders make a great difference

4. Make good leaders great

5. Raise the leadership "tent"

6. Character is the essence of leadership

7. Leaders need personal capability

8. Focus on results

9. Cultivate interpersonal skills

10. Lead organizational change

11. Find your leadership sweet spot

12. Focus on building strengths

13. Concentrate on developing three to five strengths

14. Let the halo effect work for you

15. Fix fatal flaws >p> 16. Loot for powerful combinations of competencies

17. Learn from mistakes

18. Build positive relationships

19. Be open to new ideas

20. Be accountable

21. Take initative

22. Learn from feedback

23. Take a nonlinear approach

24. Take steps to improve leadership skills

25. Develop your people