Fundamentals of Taxation 2018 Ed
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Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Taxation, the Income Tax Formula, and Form 1040EZ
2. Expanded Tax Formula, Forms 1040A and 1040, and Basic Concepts
3. Gross Income: Inclusions and Exclusions
4. Adjustments for Adjusted Gross Income
5. Itemized Deductions
6. Self-Employed Business Income (Line 12 of Form 1040 and Schedule C)
7. Capital Gains and Other Sales of Property (Schedule D and Form 4767)
8. Rental Property, Royalties and Income from Flow-Through Entities (Line 17, Form 1040, and Schedule E)
9. Tax Credits (Forms 1040, Lines 48 through 54 and Lines 66a through 73)
10.Payroll Taxes
11.Retirement and Other Tax-Deferred Plans and Annuities
12.Special Property Transactions
13.At-Risk/Passive Activity Loss Rules and the Individual Alternative Minimum Tax
14.Partnership Taxation
15.Corporate Taxation
Appendix A: Amended Tax Returns (Form 1040X)
Appendix B: Comprehensive Problems
Appendix C: Concept Check Answers
Appendix D: IRS Tax Tables
Appendix E: IRS Tax Forms
Appendix F: 2016 Federal Income Tax Information