Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
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- Data-driven Pedagogy: Research shows the extended accounting cycle coverage has better short- and long-term results.
- Entrepreneurial Focus: Engaging real-world examples of startup companies – mapped directly with accounting cycle.

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Table of Contents

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Ch 1: Business Decisions and Financial Accounting
Ch 2: The Balance Sheet
Ch 3: The Income Statement
Ch 4: Adjustments, Financial Statements, And Financial Results
Ch 5: Fraud, Internal Control, and Cash
Ch 6: Merchandising Operations and the Multistep Income Statement
Ch 7: Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
Ch 8: Receivables, Bad Debt Expense, and Interest Revenue
Ch 9: Long-Lived Tangible and Intangible Assets
Ch 10: Liabilities
Ch 11: Stockholders' Equity
Ch 12: Statement Cash Flows
Ch 13: Measuring and Evaluating Financial Performance
Appendix A: Excerpts from the Fiscal 2016 Annual Report of The Home Depot, Inc.
Appendix B: Excerpts from the Fiscal 2016 Annual Report of Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Appendix C: Present and Future Value Concepts
Appendix D: Investments in Other Corporations