Foundations of Engineering
Table of Contents

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Section I Introduction to Engineering

1 The Engineer

2 Engineering Ethics

3 Problem Solving

4 Understanding and Using Computers

5 Introduction to Design

6 Engineering Communications

Section II Mathematics

7 Numbers

8 Tables and Graphs

9 Statistics

Section III Engineering Fundamentals

10 Newton's Laws

11 Introduction to Thermodynamics

12 Introduction to Rate Processes

13 SI System of Units

14 Unit Conversions

15 Introduction to Statics and Dynamics

16 Introduction to Electricity

Section IV Engineering Accounting

17 Accounting

18 Accounting for Mass

19 Accounting for Charge

20 Accounting for Linear Momentum

21 Accounting for Angular Momentum

22 Accounting for Energy

23 Accounting for Entropy

24 Accounting for Money

Appendix A Unit Conversion Factors

Appendix B NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers

Appendix C z Table

Appendix D Summary of Some Engineering Milestones