The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure: Why Pure Capitalism is the World Economy's Only Hope
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Introduction to the Paperback Edition


1: Fundamental Themes

2: What Happened?

3: Government Monetary Policy: The Fed as the Primary Cause

4: FDIC Insurance: The Background Cause

5: Government Housing Policy: The Proximate Cause

6: The Essential Role of Banks in a Complex Economy: The Liquidity Challenge

7: The Residential Real-Estate-Market Bubble and Financial-Market Stress

8: Failure of the Rating Agencies: The Subprime Mortgage Market and Its Impact on Capital Markets

9: Pick-a-Payment Mortgages: A Toxic Product of FDIC Insurance Coverage

10: How Freddie and Fannie Grew to Dominate the Home Mortgage Lending Business

11: Fair-Value Accounting and Wealth Destruction

12: Derivatives and Shadow Banking: A Misunderstanding

13: The Myth that "Deregulation" Caused the Financial Crisis

14: How the SEC Made Matters Worse

15: Market Corrections Are Necessary, but Panics Are Destructive and Avoidable

16: TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program)

17: What We Could Have--and Should Have--Done

18: The Cure for the Banking Industry: Systematically Move Toward Pure Capitalism

19: Some Political Cures: Government Policy

20: Our Short-Term Path and How to End Unemployment

21: The Deepest Cause Is Philosophical

22: The Cure Is Also Philosophical

23: How the United States Could Go Broke

24: The Need for Principled Action

25: Conclusion