Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions
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- Building-Block Approach: Visual previews, clear bullet-point discussions, and Need-to-Know illustrations and videos improve student retention.
- Decision-Making Tools: Unique learning framework integrated throughout content, providing context, role-playing scenarios, and key analytical tools.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

1. Introducing Financial Accounting
2. Financial Statements and the Accounting System
3. Adjusting Accounts for Financial Statements
4. Reporting and Analyzing Merchandising Operations
5. Reporting and Analyzing Inventories
6. Reporting and Analyzing Cash, Fraud, and Internal Controls
7. Reporting and Analyzing Receivables
8. Reporting and Analyzing Long-Term Assets
9. Reporting and Analyzing Current Liabilities
10. Reporting and Analyzing Long-Term Liabilities
11. Reporting and Analyzing Equity
12. Reporting and Analyzing Cash Flows
13. Analyzing and Interpreting Financial Statements
Appendix A Financial Statement Information
Appendix B Applying Present and Future Values
Appendix C Investments
Appendix D International Operations