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Table of Contents

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PART ONE: The Foundations of Crime and Justice

1 "Criminal Justice" in America

2 Defining and Explaining the Role of Criminal Law

3 Identifying and Measuring Crime

4 Criminal Statistics and the Extent of Crime

PART TWO: The Police

5 The Structure and Function of Policing

6 Policing Cases and Concepts: The Law of Arrest, Search, and Seizure

7 Police Conduct and Integrity

PART THREE: The Courts

8 The Structure and Function of American Courts

9 The Business of the Court: From First Appearance Through Trial

10 Sentencing, The Death Penalty, and Appeal

PART FOUR: Corrections

11 The Structure and Function of American Corrections

12 Life on the Inside: Institutional Conditions and Inmate Rights

13 Community-Based Corrections