Essentials of Marketing Research
Table of Contents

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Part 1: The Role and Value of Marketing Research Information

Chapter 1—Marketing Research for Managerial Decision Making

Chapter 2—The Marketing Research Process and Proposals

Part 2: Designing the Marketing Research Project

Chapter 3—Secondary Data, Literature Reviews and Hypotheses

Chapter 4—Exploratory Research Designs and Data Collection Approaches

Chapter 5—Descriptive and Causal Research Designs

Part 3: Gathering and Collecting Accurate Data

Chapter 6—Sampling: Theory and Methods

Chapter 7—Measurement and Scaling

Chapter 8—Designing the Questionnaire

Part 4: Data Preparation, Analysis and Reporting the Results

Chapter 9—Qualitative Data Analysis

Chapter 10—Preparing Data for Quantitative Analysis

Chapter 11—Basic Data Analysis for Quantitative Research

Chapter 12—Examining Relationships in Quantitative Research

Chapter 13—Reporting and Presenting Results