Essentials of Business Statistics
Table of Contents

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PART ONE: Introduction

Chapter 1: Statistics and Data

PART TWO: Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 2: Tabular and Graphical Methods

Chapter 3: Numerical Descriptive Measures

PART THREE: Probability and Probability Distributions

Chapter 4: Introduction to Probability

Chapter 5: Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter 6: Continuous Probability Distributions

PART FOUR: Basic Inference

Chapter 7: Sampling and Sampling Distributions

Chapter 8: Estimation

Chapter 9: Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 10: Comparisons Involving Means

Chapter 11: Comparisons Involving Proportions

PART FIVE: Advanced Inference

Chapter 12: Basics of Regression Analysis

Chapter 13: More on Regression Analysis


Appendix A: Tables

Appendix B: Answers to Even-Numbered Exercises


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