Essentials of Business Law
-Fundamental Overview of Business Law: This text is designed for business majors taking a one semester Business Law course.   
-A new chapter, Social Media Law, provides information, cases, and examples on important issues in social media as it relates to business.
-Connect: An easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results.   

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Table of Contents

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Part 1 Introduction to Law
1 Our System of Law
2 Ethics and the Law
3 Criminal Law
4 Tort Law
5 Constitutional Law
6 Administrative Law
Part 2 Contracts
7 Introduction to Contracts
8 Offer and Acceptance
9 Mutual Agreement
10 Consideration
11 Competent Parties
12 Legal Purpose of Contracts
13 Form of Contracts
14 Operation of Contracts
15 Discharge of Contracts
Part 3 Sales, Agency, and Business Organizations
16 Transfer of Title
17 Sales
18 Warranties
19 Agency
20 Business Organizations
21 Bankruptcy
Part 4 Commercial Paper
22 Real and Personal Property
23 Bailments
24 Landlord–Tenant Relations
25 Wills, Intestacy, and Trusts
Part 6 Business and Technology
26 Intellectual Property
27 Computer Privacy and Speech
28 Social Media and the Law
29 Conducting Business in Cyberspace
Part 7 Legal Environment of Business
30 The Employer–Employee Relationship
31 Employment Law
32 Product Liability
33 Professionals’ Liability
34 International Business Law
35 Business and the Environment
36 Health Care Law