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Table of Contents

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Foreword. ix
Acknowledgments. xiii
Introduction . xv

Part I
Content Marketing—There and Back Again

CHAPTER 1 What Is Content Marketing?. 3
CHAPTER 2 The History of Content Marketing. 13
CHAPTER 3 Why Content Marketing?. 19
CHAPTER 4 The Business Model of Content Marketing. 29
CHAPTER 5 The Business Case for Content Marketing. 41
CHAPTER 6 Tomorrow’s Media Companies. 49

Part II
Defining Your Content Niche and Strategy

CHAPTER 7 More Right or Less Right. 69
CHAPTER 8 What Is Epic Content Marketing?. 75
CHAPTER 9 The Goal of Subscription. 83
CHAPTER 10 The Audience Persona. 93
CHAPTER 11 Defining the Engagement Cycle. 103
CHAPTER 12 Defining Your Content Niche. 111
CHAPTER 13 The Content Marketing Mission Statement. 119

Part III
Managing the Content Process

CHAPTER 14 Building Your Editorial Calendar. 131
CHAPTER 15 Managing the Content Creation Process. 139
CHAPTER 16 Content Types. 159
CHAPTER 17 Finding Your Content Assets. 203
CHAPTER 18 Extracting Content from Employees. 211
CHAPTER 19 The Content Platform. 215
CHAPTER 20 The Content Channel Plan in Action. 223

Part IV
Marketing Your Stories

CHAPTER 21 Social Media for Content Marketing. 231
CHAPTER 22 Alternative Content Promotion Techniques. 253
CHAPTER 23 Leveraging a Social Influencer Model for Content Marketing. 267

Part V
Making Content Work

CHAPTER 24 Measuring the Impact of Your Content Marketing. 277
CHAPTER 25 The Evolution of Your Epic Story. 299