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Table of Contents

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PART I  Exploring Writing and Reading

Chapter 1: Critical Thinking and the Art of Questioning
Chapter 2: Reading Critically and the Art of Questioning
Chapter 3: Writing and the Art of Questioning

PART II Practicing Writing

Chapter 4: Claiming Voice
Chapter 5: Interpreting Experiences
Chapter 6: Creating Profiles
Chapter 7: Presenting Information
Chapter 8: Exploring a Concept
Chapter 9: Comparing Perspectives
Chapter 10: Critiquing an Argument
Chapter 11: Making a Case
Chapter 12: Appealing for Action
Chapter 13: Writing an Evaluation
Chapter 14: Editing Fundamentals

PART III Researching Writing

Chapter 15: Planning a Research Project
Chapter 16: Finding Sources
Chapter 17: Evaluating Sources
Chapter 18: Incorporating Source Materials
Chapter 19: Using Sources Responsibly
Chapter 20: Documenting Your Sources: MLA
Chapter 21: Documenting Your Sources: APA

Chapters 22-39 are optional chapters available online within McGraw-Hill's Connect platform or for addition to your text, please contact your learning technology representative for additional information.

Chapter 22: Choosing Strategies of Development
Chapter 23: Designing Documents and Using Graphics
Chapter 24: Writing Portfolios
Chapter 25: Mastering Essay Exams
Chapter 26: Giving Oral Presentations
Chapter 27: How Do I Write a Rhetorical Analysis?
Chapter 28: How Do I Write a Blog?
Chapter 29: How Do I Write a Reflection?
Chapter 30: How Do I Write a Visual Analysis?
Chapter 31: How Do I Write a Review?
Chapter 32: How Do I Write an Editorial or Opinion Column?
Chapter 33: How Do I Write a Proposal?
Chapter 34: How Do I Write a Research Proposal?
Chapter 35: How Do I Write an Annotated Bibliography?
Chapter 36: How Do I Write a Prospectus?
Chapter 37: How Do I Write a Lab Report?
Chapter 38: How Do I Write Instructions?
Chapter 39: How Do I Write an Abstract?