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Table of Contents

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Ch. 1. Introduction
Ch. 2. AC Circuits and Sequence Circuits of Power Networks Chapter
Ch. 3. Matrix Methods in AC Power System Analysis
Ch. 4. Overhead Transmission Line Parameters
Ch. 5. Modeling of Transmission Lines
Ch. 6. AC Power-Flow Analysis Using Iterative Methods
Ch. 7. Symmetrical Faults
Ch. 8. Unsymmetrical Faults Control
Ch. 9. Control of Voltage and Power Flow
Ch. 10. Stability in AC Networks
Ch. 11. HVD C Transmission Systems and FACTS Devices
Ch. 12. Corona and Electric Field Effects of Transmission Lines
Ch. 13. Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines
Ch. 14. Coordination of Transmission-Line Insulation
Ch. 15. Ampacity of Overhead Line Conductors
List of Symbols and Abbreviations