Database Cloud Storage
Table of Contents

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1) Database Consolidation into Private Clouds
2) Oracle Database Cloud Strategy
3) ASM and Grid Infrastructure
4) ACFS Design and Deployment
5) ACFS Data Services
6) ASM Instance
7) ASM Disks and Diskgroups
8) ASMLIB Concepts and Overview
9) ASM Files, Aliases, and Security
10) ASM and Space Allocation
11) ASMLIB Concepts and Overview
12) ASM Operations
13) ASM Persistent Data Structures
14) ASM and Database integration
15) ASM Optimizations in Oracle Engineered Solutions
16) ASM optimization for Engineered Solutions (Exadata and ODA)
17) ACFS Data Services
18) ASM and 3rd Party Integration
19) ACSF Design and Deployment
20) ASM Tools and utilities