Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators
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Introduction: The Emergency of "Everyone Editorial"; Chapter 1: What is Curation?; Chapter 2: Big Time Curators - future content tools, and the world they're building; Chapter 3: The Pro-sumer; Chapter 4: Consumer Conversations and Curation; Chapter 5: Curation and Finance; Chapter 6: Web Platforms embrace curation; Chapter 7: Magazines and Curation; Chapter 8: Brands-Curating your consumer; Chapter 9: Content Entrepreneurs - The New Curation Class; Chapter 10: Tools and Techniques - YouTube, Ning, etc. Is free best?; Chapter 11: Advertising - Can Curation Make Money?; Chapter 12: Curated (and gated) communities - Will people pay to play?; Chapter 13: Privacy - Can Curation and privacy live in harmony?; Chapter 14: Winner and Losers - A crystal ball;