The Cost of Capitalism: Understanding Market Mayhem and Stabilizing our Economic Future
Table of Contents

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Section I

1. The Market is the Message
2. How Much Risk Is Too Much Risk?
3. Hyman Minsky, A Lefty Who Had It Right
Section II: Asset Market Upheaval: The Cycle Driver for the Past 20 Years

4. Not Iraq and Tanks, Debt and Banks, the 1990 Recession
5: Tulips in Tokyo: The Asset Inflation/Deflation That Consigned Japan to a Lost Decade
6: The Asian Contagion: What Went Up Went Down, With a Vengeance!
7: The 2000 Recession, From Brave New World Boom to Wild Technology Share Price Bust
8: The Spectacular Slide For House Prices, Consumer Purchasing Power, the 2008 Recession

Section III: Concluding Observations

9: Mainstream Economics: A Slavish Devotion To Rational Market Theories
10: The Politics of Economics: Confusing Free Market Triumph with free market infallibility
11: The Punch Line: Embrace Capitalism but don’t forget the seat belts and the air bags