Conversations That Win the Complex Sale: Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate your Solutions, and Close More Deals
Table of Contents

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Section 1: No Brand's Land;
Chapter 1. Brand vs. Field Messaging;
Chapter 2. The Last Bastion of Competitive Differentiation;
Chapter 3. Three Deadly Sins of Customer Messaging
Chapter 4. Avoiding No Brand's Land;

Section 2: The Power of Story;
Chapter 5. Inside Out vs. Outside In;
Chapter 6. The Hero Model;
Chapter 7. Your Old Brain and What it Craves;
Chapter 8. There's No Such Thing as a Rational Decision;

Section 3: Creating Impact;
Chapter 9. Be Different Where it Counts--Your Customer Conversations;
Chapter 10. Find Your Value Wedge--The Difference that Makes the Difference;
Chapter 11. Power Positions--Putting Value Propositions in their Place;
Chapter 12. The Big Picture – People Don’t Fix What They Can't See;

Section 4: Messaging for a Decision;
Chapter 13. Avoiding No Decision;
Chapter 14. Be a Clarifier Not a Confuser--Messaging Above the Line;
Chapter 15. Connect the Head and the Heart--The Importance of Emotion;
Chapter 16. Make them Care--Create Contrast to Show Value;

Section 5: Messaging Tools and Tips;
Chapter 17. On the Phone;
Chapter 18. Using Email;
Chapter 19. Web/Tele-Conferences;
Chapter 20. In-Person Presentations