Contemporary Advertising Loose Leaf
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Table of Contents

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Part One: What are Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications?

Chapter 1: Advertising and IMC Today

Chapter 2: The Big Picture: The Evolution of Advertising and IMC

Chapter 3: The Big Picture: Economic and Regulatory Aspects

Chapter 4: The Scope of Advertising: From Local to Global

Part Two: Planning the Campaign

Chapter 5: Marketing and Consumer Behavior: The Foundations of Advertising

Chapter 6: Market Segmentation and the Marketing Mix: Determinants of Campaign Strategy

Chapter 7: Research: Gathering Information for IMC Planning

Chapter 8: Marketing and IMC Planning

Chapter 9: Planning Media Strategy: Disseminating the Message

Chapter 10: Creative Strategy and the Creative Process

Part Three: Executing and Evaluating the Campaign

Chapter 11: Creative Execution: Art and Copy

Chapter 12: Print, Electronic, and Digital Media Production

Chapter 13: Using Print Media

Chapter 14: Using Electronic Media: Television and Radio

Chapter 15: Using Digital Interactive Media

Chapter 16: Social Media

Chapter 17: Using Out-of-Home, Exhibitive, and Supplementary Media

Chapter 18: Relationship Building: Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, and Sales Promotion

Chapter 19: Relationship Building: Public Relations, Sponsorship, and Corporate Advertising

Epilogue: Repositioning a Brand

Appendix A: Marketing Plan Outline

Appendix B: Advertising Plan Outline