Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation with EnCase Forensic v7
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1: Preparing for the Forensics Function
1. The Road to Readiness
2. Getting started
3. Basic Concepts

Part 2: Beginning with EnCase Forensic
4. Your First case
5.Working in the Evidence Browser
6. Diving into the View Pane

Part 3: Looking for Evidence
7. Searching for Clues
8. Further Inspection
9. Digital Dumpster Diving

Part 4: Putting it All Together
10. Determining What Happened
11. Refining the Results
12. An EnScript Primer

Part 5: Completed Investigations
13. Reporting
14. Closing the Case

Appendix A: Rosetta Stone for Windows Operating Systems
Appendix B: EnCase Keyboard Short Cuts
Appendix C: EnScript Classes Hierarchy
Appendix D: Resources for Further Information