Career Achievement: Growing Your Goals
Each chapter covers vital topics—supported by dynamic activities and relevant examples—that will help you identify, grow, and ultimately achieve your career goals.With the continually growing need to stay at the forefront of technology during the career planning process, it provides the opportunity not only to apply traditional career planning and search techniques, but also to incorporate the Internet and online resources into the process.Whether you are searching for your first job, planning a career change, or have unexpectedly found yourself searching for employment, Career Achievement provides the valuable information you need to land the perfect job and advance on your desired career path.Connect: A highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results.  

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Table of Contents

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PART I: You and Your Career: Finding and Cultivating A Great Match!
Chapter 1: Jump-Start Your Career
Chapter 2: Skills and Interests—Your Career Assets 
Chapter :3 Where Are the Jobs? Maximize Your Career Options 
PART II: Marketing Tools: Promoting Your Skills 
Chapter 4: Networking—It’s Always Who You Know
Chapter 5: Professional Resumes the Easy Way 
Chapter 5A: Winning Resumes: Real Student Examples for Resumes and References 
Chapter 6: Professional Cover Letters and Applications 
PART III: Moving Forward: Interview, Follow-Up, and Managing Change 
Chapter 7: Successful Interviews 
Chapter 8: Follow-Up and Negotiation 
Chapter 9: Step Up Your Career