Business Improv: Experiential Learning Exercises to Train Employees to Handle Every Situation with Success 1 9780071768214 Workplace “drama” that’s productive! The secret to business growth is right before your eyes—it’s the creativity and innovation percolating in each one of your employees every minute of every day. How do you harness it to make it work for your organization? Business Improv! Based on the science of experiential learning, Business Improv uses improvisation activities from the theater to transform each employee into a great leader. The 75 hands-on activities in this proactive guide help you create an organization filled with people who: Engage with and “own” their work Generate creative ideas that drive profit Build innovative teams Solve problems effectively Make decisions with conviction Respond and adapt to change With Business Improv, you have the one and only tool you need to facilitate real, lasting leadership skills in every employee.
Business Improv: Experiential Learning Exercises to Train Employees to Handle Every Situation with Success

Business Improv: Experiential Learning Exercises to Train Employees to Handle Every Situation with Success

1st Edition
By Val Gee and Sarah Gee
ISBN10: 0071768211
ISBN13: 9780071768214
Copyright: 2011

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ISBN10: 0071768211 | ISBN13: 9780071768214



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INTRODUCTION: Business Improv--The Creative Engine Behind Productivity
ACTIVITY 1 'Yes and'
ACTIVITY 2 Listen Actively to Understand Not Respond
ACTIVITY 3 Leave Judgments Outside
ACTIVITY 4 Remove The "Inner Censors"
ACTIVITY 5 Loosen Up
ACTIVITY 6 Be In The Moment
ACTIVITY 7 Thank You
ACTIVITY 8 Your Welcome Statues
ACTIVITY 9 Accepting
ACTIVITY 10 Name Game
ACTIVITY 11 Interrupt Then Apologize
ACTIVITY 12 Give A Gift
ACTIVITY 13 Yes, Let's
ACTIVITY 14 Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
ACTIVITY 15 Me, Me, Me
ACTIVITY 16 Motivation and Inspiration
ACTIVITY 17 Jointly Advance the Action
ACTIVITY 18 Support Each Other
ACTIVITY 19 Foster Inclusion
ACTIVITY 20 Collaboration
ACTIVITY 21 Cooperate
ACTIVITY 22 Teamwork
ACTIVITY 24 Discover
ACTIVITY 25 Make Connections
ACTIVITY 26 Drop Inhibitions
ACTIVITY 27 Flexibility
ACTIVITY 28 Adaptability
ACTIVITY 29 Removing The Blocks
ACTIVITY 30 Uncover The Resistance
ACTIVITY 31 100% Commitment
ACTIVITY 32 Share Your Story
ACTIVITY 34 Trust & Confidence
ACTIVITY 35 Honest Dialogue
ACTIVITY 37 Listen Up…Listen!
ACTIVITY 38 Respond Instead of React
ACTIVITY 39 Maintain Focus
ACTIVITY 40 Set Specific Intention
ACTIVITY 41 Some Choices Are Better Than Others
ACTIVITY 42 You Are Creative
ACTIVITY 43 Innovative Thinking
ACTIVITY 44 Generate New Ideas
ACTIVITY 45 Take Risks
ACTIVITY 46 Spontaneity
ACTIVITY 47 Present Without Scripting and Think on Your Feet
ACTIVITY 48 Interact Without Fear
ACTIVITY 49 Emotional Improv-intelligence
ACTIVITY 50 Conflict Resolution
ACTIVITY 51 Getting Back Up
ACTIVITY 52 Address The Issues
ACTIVITY 53 Handle Crisis With Speed
ACTIVITY 54 Create Shared Understanding
ACTIVITY 55 Protect and Nurture
ACTIVITY 56 Utilize Others
ACTIVITY 57 Construct Your Atmosphere
ACTIVITY 58 Attitudes and Emotions
ACTIVITY 59 The Game of Status
ACTIVITY 60 Remove Status
ACTIVITY 61 Hierarchy
ACTIVITY 62 What's Important
ACTIVITY 63 You Can Do This
ACTIVITY 64 Your Best Self

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Val Gee

Val Gee is an instructional designer, an ordained priest, and a regular contributor to Training magazine.

Sarah Gee