Business Driven Technology with Connect Access Card
Table of Contents

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Unit 1

Chapter 1: Business Driven Technology

Chapter 2: Identifying Competitive Advantages

Chapter 3: Strategic Initiatives for Implementing Competitive Advantages

Chapter 4: Measuring the Success of Strategic Initiatives

Chapter 5: Organizational Structures that Support Strategic Initiatives

Unit 2

Chapter 6: Valuing Organizational Information

Chapter 7: Storing Organizational Information - Databases

Chapter 8: Accessing Organizational Information – Data Warehouse

Unit 3

Chapter 9: Enabling the Organization – Decision Making

Chapter 10: Extending the Organization – Supply Chain Management

Chapter 11: Building a Customer-Centric Organization – Customer Relationship Management

Chapter 12: Integrating the Organization from End to End – Enterprise Resource Planning

Unit 4

Chapter 13: Creating Innovative Organizations

Chapter 14: EBusiness

Chapter 15: Creating Collaborative Partnerships

Chapter 16: Integrating Wireless Technology in Business

Unit 5

Chapter 17: Developing Software to Streamline Operations

Chapter 18: Methodologies for Supporting Agile Organizations

Chapter 19: Managing Organizational Projects

Chapter 20: Developing a 21st Century Organization