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Introduction; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1: Water Wells Can Cost You Plenty; Chapter 2: Septic Systems Can Sink You!; Chapter 3: Evaluating Sites for Well Locations; Chapter 4: Evaluating Sites for Septic Locations; Chapter 5: Taking Bids for the Work; Chapter 6: Soil Studies; Chapter 7: Septic Designs; Chapter 8: Code-Related Issues; Chapter 9: Drilled Wells; Chapter 10: Dug Wells; Chapter 11: Alternative Water Sources; Chapter 12: Gravel-and-Pipe Septic Systems; Chapter 13: Chamber-Type Septic Systems and Other Special-Use Systems; Chapter 14: Pump Stations; Chapter 15: Gravity Systems; Chapter 16: Controlling Construction Costs; Chapter 17: Common Problems with Well Installations; Chapter 18. Septic Troubles; Chapter 19. Know Your Limitations; Chapter 20. Landscaping Septic Systems; Appendix A. Definitions; Appendix B. Additional Resources; Appendix C. Facts, Figures, and Measurements; Index