Broadcast News Handbook: Writing, Reporting, and Producing in the Age of Social Media
Table of Contents

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Foreword ix

Preface x


Chapter 1: Characteristics of Broadcast News Writing

Chapter 2: Selecting Stories and Starting to Write

Chapter 3: Writing Great Leads and Other Helpful Tips

Chapter 4: Deadly Copy Sins and How to Avoid Them

Chapter 5: Interviewing: Getting the Facts and the Feelings

Chapter 6: Writing Radio News

Chapter 7: Television News Story Forms--The VO

Chapter 8: Television Story Forms--The VO/SOT

Chapter 9: Television Story Forms--The Package

Chapter 10: Writing Sports Copy

Chapter 11: Producing TV News

Chapter 12: The Care and Feeding of Television Live Shots

Chapter 13: Why We Fight

Chapter 14: Writing for the Web

Chapter 15: Effectively Utilizing Social Media

Chapter 16: So You Want a Job? The Art of the Resume

Appendix A: Word Usage and Grammar Guide

Appendix B: Legal and Privacy FAQs

Appendix C: Producing a Student Newscast from Beginning to End