Benjamin Graham, Building a Profession: The Early Writings of the Father of Security Analysis
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Section 1: Building a Profession
1. Toward a Professional Designation
2. Should Security Analysts Have a Professional Rating?
3. On Being Right in Security Analysis
4. The Hippocratic Method in Security Analysis
5. The SEC Method of Security Analysis

Section 2: A Science of Investment Analysis
6. Defining the New Profession
7. Toward a Science of Security Analysis
8. Two Illustrative Approaches to Formula Valuations of Common Stock
9. Special Situations
10. The War Economy and Stock Values
11. Some Structural Relationships Bearing Upon Full Employment

Section 3: The Voice of the Profession
12. A Questionnaire on Stockholder-Management Relationships
13. Our Balance of Payments: Conspiracy of Silence
14. Which Way to Relief from the Double Tax on Corporate Profits?
15. Some Observations
16. Interview with P. Ellebracht
17. Three Forbes Articles