The Atlas of African-American History and Politics: From the Slave Trade to Modern Times
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Unit 1: Africa, The African Slave Trades, and the Beginnings of African Slavery in the Americas

Unit 2: The Native-American Slave Trade, The Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Political Changes in North America and the Caribbean

Unit 3: Free Blacks, Slaves, and Slavery in the New American Republic

Unit 4: "The Peculiar Institution" and Sectionalism in Antebellum America

Unit 5: The Civil War, Its Impact on African Americans, and the Ending of Slavery in the Western Hemisphere

Unit 6: Reconstruction, the West and the Black Struggle Against Colonialism and American Racism

Unit 7: The Rise of Jim Crow, World War I, "The Harlem Renaissance," and the "Great Black Migration" from the American South

Unit 8: The Growth of Black Political Power in the North, The "Great Depression," and Blacks During World War II

Unit 9: African-Americans During the "Cold War" and the Origins of the Civil Rights Movement 1945-1965

Unit 10: Black Power, Black Nationalism, and the Rise of the African-American Counter Culture

Unit 11: African Americans and the "New World Order"