Astronomy for the Utterly Confused
Table of Contents

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Organization of the Text

Part I: Where Are We? The Basics

Chapter 1: The Universe in Time and Space

Chapter 2: The Earth's Place

Chapter 3: Our Vantage Point on Earth

Chapter 4: Key Concepts and Basic Laws

Part II: Solar Systems and How They Form

Chapter 5: The Solar Nebula and the Formation of Gas Planets

Chapter 6: The Solar Nebula and the Formation of the Rocky Planets and Moons

Chapter 7: The Smaller Bodies of Our Solar System

Chapter 8: The Sun's Role in Our Solar System

Part III: Astrophysics Basics

Chapter 9: Origins of the Puzzles of Space-time and Gravity

Chapter 10: Down to the Atomic and Subatomic Levels

Chapter 11: How These Are Studied

Part IV: Stars and Galaxies

Chapter 12: Star Formation, Star Development

Chapter 13: The Death of Stars

Chapter 14: Galaxy Formation and Development

Part V: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and on to the Future

Chapter 15: The Role of Dark Matter

Chapter 16: The Role of Dark Energy

Chapter 17: The Future of the Universe

Chapter 18: Frontiers in Astronomy