The Art of M&A, Fourth Edition
Table of Contents

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1: Getting Started in Mergers and Acquisitions

2: Planning and Finding

3: Valuation and Pricing

4: Financing and Refinancing

5: Structuring M/A/B Transactions: General, Tax, and Accounting Considerations

6: The Due Diligence Inquiry

7: Pension, Labor, and Compensation Concerns

8: Negotiating the Acquisition Agreement and the Letter of Intent

9: Closing

10: Postmerger Integration

11: Workouts, Bankruptcies, and Liquidations

12: Special Issues for M&A in Public Companies

13: M&A in Family-owned Businesses, Partnerships, Franchises, and Nonprofits

14: Beyond M&A: Spinoffs and Strategic Alliances

15: Special Topics Relating to Transactions with International Aspects