Aircraft Electricity and Electronics, Seventh Edition 7 9781260108217 Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Two books in one! Up-to-date coverage of electrical and electronics systems for all types of aircraft -- plus a full student study guide This thoroughly revised guide offers comprehensive explanations of the theory, design, and maintenance of current aircraft electrical and electronics systems. In-depth details on AC and DC systems for all varieties of aircraft—including the newest models—are provided, along withimproved diagrams and helpful troubleshooting techniques. You will get complete coverage of cutting-edge topics, including digital control systems, digital data transfer methods, fiber-optic technology, and the latest flight deck instrumentation systems. A student study guide is also included, featuring a workbook with hundreds of multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and analysis questions. Aircraft Electricity and Electronics, Seventh Edition, covers: • Aircraft storage batteries • Electric wire and wiring practices • Alternating current • Electrical control devices • Digital electronics • Electric measuring instruments • Electric motors, generators, alternators, and inverters • Power distribution systems • Design and maintenance of aircraft electrical systems • Radio theory • Communication and navigation systems • Weather warning and other safety systems
Aircraft Electricity and Electronics, Seventh Edition

Aircraft Electricity and Electronics, Seventh Edition

7th Edition
By Thomas Eismin
ISBN10: 126010821X
ISBN13: 9781260108217
Copyright: 2018

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ISBN10: 126010821X | ISBN13: 9781260108217



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1. Fundamentals of Electricity
The Electron Theory
Static Electricity
Units of Electricity
Theory of Magnetism
Magnetic Devices
Methods of Producing Voltage
Electromagnetic Induction
2. Applications of Ohm’s Law
Ohm’s Law
Types of Circuits
Solving Series Circuits
Solving Parallel Circuits
Series-Parallel Circuits
Kirchhoff’s Laws
Solution of a Resistance Bridge Circuit
Practical Applications of Ohm’s Law
3. Aircraft Storage Batteries
Dry Cells and Batteries
Lead-Acid Storage Batteries
Lead-Acid Battery Maintenance Procedures
Battery Ratings
Nickel-Cadmium Storage Batteries
Nickel-Cadmium Battery Maintenance Procedures
Installation of Aircraft Batteries
4. Electric Wire and Wiring Practices
Characteristics of Electric Wire
Requirements for Open Wiring
Electrical Conduit
Connecting Devices
Bonding and Shielding
Wire Identification
5. Alternating Current
Definition and Characteristics
Polyphase AC Circuits
Alternating Current and the Airplane
6. Electrical Control Devices
Circuit-Protection Devices
Diodes and Rectifiers
Other Solid-State Devices
Printed Circuit Boards
Cathode-Ray Tube
Flat Panel Displays
7. Digital Electronics
The Digital Signal
Digital Numerology
Binary Code Systems
Logic Gates
Integrated Circuits
Common Logic Circuit Functions
Computer Operations
Data Bus Standards
ARINC 664 Data Bus
Troubleshooting Digital Circuits
8. Electric Measuring Instruments
Meter Movements
The Ammeter
The Voltmeter
The Ohmmeter
AC Measuring Instruments
The Multimeter
Digital Meters
The Oscilloscope
9. Electric Motors
Motor Theory
Motor Design
AC Motors
Inspection and Maintenance of Motors
10. Generators and Related Control Circuits
Generator Theory
DC Generator Construction
Generator Control
Generator Inspection, Service, and Repair
11. Alternators, Inverters, and Related Controls
AC Generation
Alternator Control
AC Generators–AC Alternators
Variable-Speed Constant-Frequency Power Systems
12. Power Distribution Systems
Requirements for Power Distribution Systems
Main Power Distribution Systems
Power Distribution on Composite Aircraft
Very Light Jet Electrical Power Systems
Large-Aircraft Electrical Systems
13. Design and Maintenance of Aircraft Electrical Systems
Requirements for Electrical Systems
Aircraft Lights
Large-Aircraft Electrical Systems
Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Electrical Systems
14. Radio Theory
Radio Waves
Functions of a Transmitter
15. Communication and Navigation Systems
Navigation Systems
Installation of Avionics Equipment
16. Weather Warning and Other Safety Systems
Digital Airborne Weather Radar Systems
Radar Maintenance
Lightning Detection
Aviation Satellite Weather
Ground Proximity Warning Systems
Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
17. Instruments and Autoflight Systems
RPM-Measuring Instruments
Temperature Indicators
Synchro Systems
Fuel-Quantity Indicators
Electromechanical Flight Instruments
Electronic Flight Systems
Automatic Flight Control Systems
Typical Automatic Pilot and Flight Control System
The Boeing B-757 Flight Management System
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