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2012 International Building Code Handbook

2012 International Building Code Handbook

1st Edition

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ISBN10: 0071801316 | ISBN13: 9780071801317


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Ch. 1 Scope and Administration; Ch. 2. Definitions; Ch. 3. Use and Occupancy Classification; Ch. 4. Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy; Ch. 5. General Building Heights and Areas; Ch. 6. Types of Construction; Ch. 7. Fire and Smoke Protection Features; Ch. 8. Interior Finishes; Ch. 9. Fire Protection Systems; Ch. 10. Means of Egress; Ch. 11. Accessibility; Ch. 12. Interior Environment; Ch. 13. Energy Efficiency; Ch. 14. Exterior Walls; Ch. 15; Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures; Ch. 16. Glass and Glazing; Ch. 17. Gypsum Board and Plaster; Ch. 18. Plastic; Ch. 19. Electrical; Ch. 20. Mechanical Systems; Ch. 21. Plumbing Systems; Ch. 22. Elevators and Conveying Systems; Ch. 23. Special Construction; Ch. 24. Encroachments into the Public Right-of-Way; Ch. 25. Safeguards During Construction; Ch. 26. Existing Structures; Ch. 27. Referenced Standards; Ch. 28. Sections 1601 – 1614 (Structural Design), Seismic Provisions of ASCE-7-05, Examples; Ch. 29. Sections 1701 – 1716 (Structural Tests and Special Inspections); Ch. 30. Sections 1801 – 1810 (Soils and Foundations); Ch. 31. Section 1901 – 1915 (Concrete Provisions); Ch. 32. Aluminum; Ch. 33. Sections 2101 – 2113 (Masonry); Ch. 34. Sections 2202 – 2210 (Steel); Ch. 35. Sections 2301 – 2308 (Wood); Appendix 1: Background to Seismic Strength Design Load Combinations; Appendix 2: Background to the Wind Load Provisions of Model Codes and Standards; Appendix 3: Background to Seismic Ground Motion in Seismic Design; Appendix 4: Consideration of Site Soil Characteristics; Metric Conversion Table