Marketing Management
Greg Marshall and Mark Johnston (both of Rollins College) have taken great effort to represent marketing management the way it is actually practiced in successful organizations today.  The 3rd edition is written for today's students in an interesting and lively, yet professional, style.
The content of the 3rd edition reflects the major trends in the managerial practice of marketing, and the pedagogy is crafted around learning and teaching preferences in today's classroom.
The 3rd edition contains 14 chapters, perfect for most course timetables.  It also provides a fully-developed array of application activities both at the end of each chapter and in McGraw-Hill's CONNECT, along with marketing plan project suggestions.  

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part One Discover Marketing Management 
Chapter 1 Marketing in Today's Business Milieu
Chapter 2 Marketing Foundations: Global, Ethical, Sustainable
Chapter 3 Elements of Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Competition
Part Two Use Information to Drive Marketing Decisions
Chapter 4 Market Research Essentials
Chapter 5 CRM, Big Data, and Marketing Analytics
Chapter 6 Understand Consumer and Business Markets
Chapter 7 Segmentation, Target Marketing, and Positioning
Part Three Develop the Value Offering—The Product Experience
Chapter 8 Product Strategy and New Product Development
Chapter 9 Build the Brand
Chapter 10 Service as the Core Offering
Part Four Price and Deliver the Value Offering
Chapter 11 Manage Pricing Decisions
Chapter 12 Manage Marketing Channels, Logistics, and Supply Chain
Part Five Communicate the Value Offering
Chapter 13 Promotion Essentials: Digital and Social Media Marketing
Chapter 14 Promotion Essentials: Traditional Approaches