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social awareness​

relationship skills

responsible decision-making​

Find the complete list of activities below, organized by competency and grade span. Select an activity to view its objective, estimated duration, description, and teachable moments.​​

Activity Primary 1 (PreK–K) Primary (Gr. 1–2) Intermediate (Gr. 3–4) Intermediate 2 (Gr. 5–6)
Self-Awareness Activity 1 This Is Me My Island My IDentity There’s More To Me Than Meets The Eye
Self-Awareness Activity 2 I Have Feelings Colorful Emotions Shades of Emotion My Emotion Map
Self-Awareness Activity 3 I Love MySELFIE I am a Rock Star My Wins Test Your Confidence
Self-Awareness Activity 4 Brain Power Train My Brain Grow My Brain The Power of My Brain
Foldable® Selfie Moments Selfie Moments Selfie Moments Selfie Moments
Self-Management Activity 1 My Calm Down Kit Keeping My Cool I Got This My Survival Guide
Self-Management Activity 2 I Can Move Mountains Gettable Goal Make it Happen I Can See Success
Self-Management Activity 3 Cool Courage A Cupful of Courage I Will Do It Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Self-Management Activity 4 I Am Ready to Learn Making My Day Daily Good Deeds Get Organized
Foldable® Action Moments Action Moments Action Moments Action Moments
Social-Awareness Activity 1 Making Hearts Happy Someone Else's Shoes How I Show Empathy Empathy Challenge
Social-Awareness Activity 2 Thank You Tic-Tac-Toe My Thankful Tree My Gratitude Journal Gratitude in Threes
Social-Awareness Activity 3 Measure Up Celebrating Our Differences Everyone is Welcome No Place For Hate
Social-Awareness Activity 4 Taking Care I Know How To Say This Not That How To Get Along
Foldable® Shared Moments Shared Moments Shared Moments Shared Moments
Relationship Skills Activity 1 I'm All Ears Everybody Talks Good Vibes Clear Communication
Relationship Skills Activity 2 Friendship High Five Super Friends Friendship & Feelings Music To My Ears
Relationship Skills Activity 3 Peace Maker, Peace Breaker Bubbling Up Talk It Out Create Your Own Ending
Relationship Skills Activity 4 Follow the Leader I am a Leader My Inner Lion What If
Foldable® When Moments When Moments When Moments When Moments
Responsible Decision-Making Activity 1 I Wonder... Be Flexible Think Outside the Box Create From a Mistake
Responsible Decision-Making Activity 2 Problem Solver Penny, Quarter, Dollar Problems The Path to a Solution The Biggest Problem in the World
Responsible Decision-Making Activity 3 Should I? Making Good Choices Weighing My Options Solution Tree
Responsible Decision-Making Activity 4 The Right Stuff I am Responsible Being a Good Citizen Fight For Your Rights...and Responsibilities!
Foldable® If…Then Moments If…Then Moments If…Then Moments If…Then Moments

The teaching suggestions on this site only work in accompaniment with the student portfolio, which has all of the activity pages.