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Grades PreK–6

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Teaching Social & Emotional Learning with Moments for MySELf

This site accompanies the student portfolio Moments for MySELf. Select a competency and grade span below to explore teaching suggestions for the activities.

About Moments for MySELf

Despite the challenges that many students face, they must still attend school and learn to be successful. Too often, students are not taught the social and emotional skills needed to be able to cope with mental health, physical health, or environmental challenges that impact their success both in and out of school. McGraw Hill believes that educators can help teach the skills students need to handle themselves, their relationships, and their work, effectively and ethically. 

Moments for MySELf offers a creative way for students to learn these fundamental life skills:

 establishing positive relationships​

 making responsible decisions

 resolving conflicts effectively​

 calming strategies

 developing concern for others. ​

Moments for MySELf provides students with a way to practice these necessary social and emotional skills to improve their personal health, mental health, and academic achievement. As students work through their Moments for MySELf portfolio, they will create a collection of SEL moments that capture their hearts and minds over the course of the program. This portfolio offers students the opportunity to reflect on who they are, their actions, and how they interact with others. We encourage you to work with students as they collect and create memorable moments for themselves.

The teaching suggestions on this site only work in accompaniment with the student portfolio, which has all the activity pages.