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Implementation Tips Moments for Myself

Moments for MySELf includes four activities for each of the five competencies. The activities can be used in the order presented in the activity list, or they can be used in any order that best fits the needs of your class. Here are some tips to help you get started:​

Tip 1

Before each activity, review the directions to collect materials if needed. This includes crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, old magazines, photos, etc. To help students with the activity, you may want to have a completed example to show. 

Tip 2

Begin each lesson with an introduction about the SEL skill. The information on the left side of each page can be used as your teachable moment to introduce the skill. Then, review the activity directions and make sure that students have the materials needed to get started. If students are comfortable and time allows, have them share their work. ​

Tip 3

At the end of each competency, there are foldable activities to help students review and reflect about what they learned. Access the directions and templates needed for each foldable activity to use them with your students.

The teaching suggestions on this site only work in accompaniment with the student portfolio, which has all of the activity pages.