Charting Unique Paths to Growth

Personalized Learning at Scale

McGraw Hill Plus™  for PreK–12 simplifies educators’ daily workflow by connecting and transforming fragmented data sources from multiple digital solutions into a holistic view of each student, empowering teachers to place every learner on a unique path to growth.

Translating Complex Data into Effective Learning Resources

Compiling and Decoding Performance Data for a Holistic View of Each Student

Today's classrooms generate a wealth of data from a range of sources. The Standards and Skills Graph brings that rich, varied data into focus with a comprehensive view of each student’s learning. It tracks and visualizes student progress and compares it against state standards and corresponding skills, so teachers can better understand who needs help with what.

Matching Students to Game-Changing Resources

Data tells a story—but that story is only as powerful as the tools available to translate it into actionable insights. McGraw Hill Plus™ Insights and Recommendations provide enrichment and intervention resources for individual students and groups based on proficiency against state standards.

Explore Possibilities with Professional Learning

On-demand tutorials, a virtual classroom experience, and the McGraw Hill Plus for PreK–12 Innovation Network empower educators to refine their practice. Go further with in-person learning sessions on advanced strategies for personalized and differentiated instruction.

McGraw Hill Plus for PreK–12 works to…

Make Sense of Complex Student Data

Compiling data from fragmented sources in real time, aligning it to state standards and corresponding skills.

Provide Rich Insights to Teachers and Administrators

Visualizing proficiency at an individual student or class level to create a comprehensive portrait of learning across different topics and platforms.

Support Teachers in Personalizing Instruction

Enabling scalable personalization and differentiation with data-driven recommendations for enrichment and intervention resources.

Promote Learner Agency

Empowering students to chart their own progress and advocate for their needs and interests with a student-facing Standards and Skills Graph.

Supporting the Whole Child:

Heralding a new era of truly personalized learning

Our learning scientists are working to extend the scope of personalized learning within McGraw Hill Plus for PreK–12 by considering other key differences among learners. Based on the research and principles of Learner Variability, we are exploring ways to capture rich social, emotional, cognitive, and executive functioning data—because no two students' stories are the same.

See our featured article for more insights from the creators of McGraw Hill Plus for PreK–12.

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