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Support for schools and learners affected by COVID-19

Support for schools and learners affected by COVID-19

Updated August 5, 2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts schools around the world, a countless number of the educators and students we support have been affected. Many colleges are closing campuses and shifting classes online for the remainder of the Spring term. K–12 schools in affected areas are closing or planning for closures. And medical professionals are confronting a public health crisis, responding to a virus that scientists are still learning how to treat.

We think it's crucial that we help in any way we can.

For the hundreds of colleges that are transitioning to an online learning situation, we want to help them make this transition as seamlessly as possible. To that end, we are providing free training and support for our McGraw Hill Connect and ALEKS digital learning platforms and have helped thousands of instructors and students in recent weeks who need to move to an online format.

For more information on how faculty can set up their course online, visit these how-to pages: 

Math & General Chemistry

All other courses

We recognize that transitioning to remote learning situations for K–12 schools can be complicated as well. Remote learning support for K–12 schools, educators and parents can be found here. We also added product walkthroughs, free resources and videos here:

Our McGraw Hill Professional customers who need support transitioning to digital can get assistance through these links for our Access medical, engineering and science solutions, or email us at

For support outside of the U.S., where many of our teams in affected countries have been working hard to support schools and colleges for weeks, visit this page for help:

Our customer service teams around the world continue to provide support. For inquiries or updates on COVID-19-related disruptions, visit this help page.

In addition, we are offering some free resources to help people stay updated on COVID-19.

The team of authors and experts behind our AccessMedicine reference source has developed a new "COVID-19 Central" resource site that will be a source of weekly updated developments and analysis in clinical medicine and public health. It is now available to everyone and can be found here.

We recognize that this is a fast-changing situation and will continue to provide you with the resources you need to continue to support your teaching and learning as your needs evolve.