You’ve been working hard and slowly settling into the new routine of the fall semester, when suddenly, one of your professors utters the word you’ve been dreading for weeks–” midterms”. For most of us, that word alone can send chills down your spine, but you can take this as an opportunity to fine-tune your study skills! Check out my top study tips:

Tip #1: Make a to-do list and prioritize the more difficult or urgent tasks first. One of the first things you should do when preparing to study for midterms is to make a list of all the midterm exams you need to study for. Then, prioritize your midterms that are happening sooner in the week while simultaneously identifying which of your exams you expect to be the most challenging. For especially difficult tests, devote a small amount of study time (a minimum of 30 minutes) to that subject each day so the information will stay fresh in your mind regardless of any other stressors you’re experiencing.

Tip #2: Divide your study schedule into small, manageable chunks. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after creating your list of subjects to study for, but there are ways around this! First, look at your daily schedule and determine when are the most efficient times for you to study. After highlighting these periods during your schedule, break down your study list into more manageable chunks. 

Tip #3: Find the perfect study spot. Between social media notifications and my noisy roommates who won’t give me space, I find that distractions are everywhere. In order to study for midterms effectively, you need to find the perfect study spot. Everyone studies differently, so the perfect study spot will be different for everyone. Some of us may need complete silence in order to focus on what we’re studying, while others may prefer some quiet classical music to accompany their study session.  My tip is to turn off all notifications on your phone and laptop until you’re done.

Tip #4: Make time in your schedule for study breaks. If your brain is already overwhelmed with information, you’re going to need to let it recharge. It’s essential to schedule breaks during your study session that allows you a short period of time to get away and grab something to eat or get some fresh air. 

Studying for exams can be a daunting experience, but with careful planning and preparation, you can not only survive your midterms but pass them with flying colors! Good luck!

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