Midterms can be overwhelming and stressful, but I have found the best study tips to help you succeed on your mid-term exams!  These effective tips and techniques will help you make the most of your time studying and help you ace the exam. 

  1. Do NOT wait till the last minute to study! I recommend confirming the date of your mid-term exam with your professor at the earliest possibility, so you have optimal time to study instead of waiting till the night before. 
  2. Attend Study Sessions. If your professor is holding any review sessions or study sessions, you should attend them! Professors want you to do well on their exams, and they already know what is on the exam.  Review sessions can help you understand what topics will be on the exam, and your professor might even offer some tips on how to succeed with that specific exam.  At these review sessions, make sure to ask questions as well! If you don’t understand something, a review session is the perfect opportunity to gain clarity on a topic because it will probably be on your mid-term exam. 
  3. Use Family and Friends. One of my favorite ways to study is to explain concepts to a friend or family member who is unfamiliar with the material.  By explaining a concept verbally, you may come to realize you don’t understand certain parts of the concept and you may develop questions.  Explaining something verbally to a friend is the best way to gauge how well you understand a topic.   
  4. Check Out University Resources. My last tip is to utilize free resources your university may offer, and even on the Internet.  The university I attend has peer tutoring, which is a great resource to utilize if you have any questions about concepts that will be on the mid-term exam.  Resources on the web are also a great study tool to utilize.  One of the best ways for me, personally, to learn something is by watching a video that explains it.  Oftentimes, I watch YouTube videos that have visuals and in-depth examples and explanations.  This helps me learn from a source that has a different perspective or way of explaining things than my textbook or professor. 

I hope these study tips and techniques will help you, and good luck with mid-term exams! 

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