It pays to know which skills employers are looking for most!  

Individuals who navigate the job market with the right blend of in-demand skills can gain a competitive edge over other candidates, qualify for more opportunities, and negotiate for higher compensation and better benefits.  

Yet many students who embark on new career paths are unfamiliar about which specific skills employers need most. As an instructor, you have an opportunity to help students understand which skills are most likely to boost their employability and career advancement.  

According to Lightcast™, a global leader in labor market analytics, here are the top software skills referenced in job postings across the United States from August 2022 to August 2023.  

  1. Microsoft Excel 
    Referenced in 3,690,776 unique job postings 

  1. Microsoft Office 
    Referenced in 3,681,557 unique job postings 

  1. Microsoft Outlook 
    Referenced in 1,995,137 unique job postings 

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint 
    Referenced in 1,964,664 unique job postings 

  1. Microsoft Word 
    Referenced in 1,201,526 unique job postings 

  1. SQL (Programming Language) 
    Referenced in 919,074 unique job postings 

  1. Python (Programming Language) 
    Referenced in 821,587 unique job postings 

  1. Spreadsheets 
    Referenced in 747,739 unique job postings 

  1. Amazon Web Services 
    Referenced in 557,879 unique job postings 

  1. SAP Applications 
    Referenced in 551,191 unique job postings 

By building these in-demand skills and validating them with digital credentials or certifications, students can improve their career readiness and set themselves up for success in the job market and throughout their careers.  


Source: Lightcast™, accessed [September 5, 2023]