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McGraw-Hill Education | <em>Wonders</em> - The Power of Connection

Educator Newsletter
Issue 1, February 2020
Wonders News!

Hello, Wonders Community!

This is our first newsletter of 2020, and our first newsletter for Wonders© 2020, and we hope you’re filled with excitement about the possibilities of the new year and the new decade, because we certainly are!
Thank you for the important work you do every day to help guide students toward bright futures!

- The Wonders Team

P.S. We’re also pretty excited about our all green scores on EdReports!

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Support & Resources
You’ve had some time to get to know Wonders, but we know that there’s a lot to learn, and it can feel overwhelming, with new materials, new routines, and new instruction—not to mention a classroom full of new learners and personalities! As you continue your year using Wonders, here are some of the implementation resources available to support you:
  • If you’re looking for pacing guides, instructional routines, or professional development, the Implementation Resource Guide provides you with click paths to the most helpful tools in your Wonders toolbox!
  • Put your student data to work! The Data Dashboard can inform your instructional decisions and guide give students the support the need. Check out the Know Your Reports Guide to find out when, how, and why these reports can help!

Inspired Ideas
Looking for literacy resources, research, and inspiration? Visit our blog, Inspired Ideas. You’ll discover stories from your peers, strategies from experts in reading instruction, and news in education technology. Here are three highlights to explore:

In Your Own Words
Do you have a success story, an "a-ha" moment, or advice for other teachers you’d like to share? We’d love to feature it! Email us at wondersnews@mheducation.com and it could be in our next newsletter.

McGraw-Hill Education | <em>Wonders</em> - The Power of Connection

And remember to share how you use Wonders in your classroom and tag #ReadingWonders.

Looking For More?

MHE Thought Leaders: YouTube Playlists
Looking for more helpful tips or thoughts from industry leaders? Check out a few YouTube playlists. Take some time to visit—it will be worth it!
Professional Development

Interactive Classroom Tools
On her website, Educational Consultant and Wonders Contributing Author, Kathy Bumgardner, offers her interactive classroom literacy tools that combine research-based instruction, best practices, and positive humor to promote engagement and support your classroom instruction.

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