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Educator Newsletter
Issue 11, Fall/Winter 2019
Wonders News!

In this newsletter, we’ll dive into the different levels of online Professional Development available to support you throughout your experience using Wonders.

From instructional modules to classroom videos to facilitator guides, all online resources are available to you on-demand, 24/7 from your Wonders Teacher Dashboard.

If you haven’t looked through your online PD resources lately, we encourage you to revisit the Resources > Professional Development page. Within the broad suite of online PD materials that Wonders offers, you’re sure to find what’s needed to help you and your students achieve the next level of success.

In support of your teaching and learning goals,

Elena Arrigo
Sr. Solution Developer, Online Professional Learning

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Digital Help Resources

Wonders has many digital features that you might not even know about! The Wonders Professional Development page includes comprehensive video and print guides that explain each Wonders digital feature, such as the Student and Teacher Dashboards, your Weekly Planner and Calendar, Assignment Manager, Data Dashboard, and the Writer’s Notebook.

Go to: Teacher Dashboard > Resources > Professional Development > Digital Help

Digital Help

Model Classroom Videos
You also have access to a library of model classroom videos that feature experienced teachers leading Wonders lessons in foundational skills, close reading, writing, small-group guided reading, and more.

Go to: Teacher Dashboard > Resources > Professional Development > Classroom Videos

Facilitator Guides
In both Wonders © 2014 and © 2017 you have support resources for facilitating on-site training at your school or district. For both copyrights, these resources can be found in your Teacher Workspace by navigating to Resources > Professional Development.

Wonders © 2014
The Wonders © 2014 Reading Coach Guide is a PDF booklet that leads coaches through a View, Discuss, Apply sequence of instruction focused around model classroom videos.

This PDF guide includes facilitator supports for on-site PD in the areas of:
  • Close Reading
  • Accessing Complex Text
  • Analytical Writing
  • Collaborative Conversations
Assesment Portal1

Go to: Resources > Professional Development > Program Overview > PD Action Plan > Reading Coach Guide

Wonders © 2017
The Wonders © 2017 Facilitator Guides are video-based modules that can be used by school and district administrators, coaches, and coordinators to facilitate on-site trainings. There are three guides that support:

This PDF guide includes facilitator supports for on-site PD in the areas of:
  • Close Reading
  • Writing to Sources
  • Small-Group Instruction
Digital Help

These online guides contain model classroom videos, coaching videos from program authors, activities, and discussion questions that can be projected for your group. You can use these guides to deliver live training over four sessions, two half-day workshops, or one full-day workshop. Individual teachers can also access the modules for self-paced professional learning.

Go to: Resources > Professional Development > Overview > Facilitator Guides

In Your Own Words
Do you have a success story, an "a-ha" moment, or advice for other teachers you’d like to share? We’d love to feature it! Email us at wondersnews@mheducation.com and it could be in our next newsletter.

Or, share how you use Wonders in your classroom on social media and tag #ReadingWonders.

Looking For More?

Wonders Digital Walkthrough
Explore a few of the Wonders digital features that make technology purposeful, including the Data Dashboard.

Looking for more helpful tips or thoughts from industry leaders? Check out a few Education YouTube playlists. Take some time to visit—it will be worth it!
Professional Development

Interactive Classroom Literacy Tools

On her website, Educational Consultant and Wonders Contributing Author, Kathy Bumgardner, offers her interactive classroom literacy tools that combine research-based instruction, best practices, and positive humor to promote engagement and support your classroom instruction.

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