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McGraw-Hill Education | <em>Wonders</em> - The Power of Connection

Educator Newsletter
Issue 8, Winter 2019
Wonders News!

Happy New Year, Wonders Community!

We are feeling energized and excited about 2019 and hope your year is off to a great start!

Speaking of feeling, we have been thinking a great deal about how emotions, behaviors, and social interactions work together with academic learning. Commonly called social emotional learning (SEL), these sorts of skills play an important role in every learning journey. Literacy instruction provides many terrific opportunities for supporting student development in SEL—and research tells us that the benefits can last a lifetime. In this newsletter, we’re sharing a few resources on SEL, including a video and an SEL white paper with practical tips for implementation in any classroom.

We look forward to exploring SEL and literacy with you and continuing to support the important work you do every day.

Annie Snyder, Ph.D.
Senior Learning Scientist, Applied Learning Sciences
McGraw-Hill Education

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In Your Own Words
Do you have a success story, an "a-ha" moment, or advice for other teachers you’d like to share? We’d love to feature it! Email us at wondersnews@mheducation.com and it could be in our next newsletter.

McGraw-Hill Education | <em>Wonders</em> - The Power of Connection

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Professional Development

Take 5!
Have 5 minutes? Dr. Tracy Spinrad, Researcher and Wonders contributing author, talks about the importance of effortful control in the classroom.

Dig Deeper
Have more time? Read the “Building Social and Emotional Learning into the School Day: Seven Guiding Principles” white paper from our Applied Learning Sciences team.

Social and Emotional Learning Report
Now available is the McGraw-Hill Education's 2018 Social and Emotional Learning Report, which assessed perceptions, challenges, and opportunities associated with social and emotional learning, as well as instructional approaches and learning materials preferences.

McGraw-Hill Education | <em>Wonders</em> - The Power of Connection

The Great Kindness Challenge
Last week, students across the globe inspired their peers, teachers, parents, and community members through kindness and empathy. The Great Kindness Challenge, a free program available to all PreK-12 schools and classrooms, encourages students to spread happiness and practice kindness through an acts of kindness checklist. You can explore some of the activities by following @kidsforpeace and #greatkindnesschallenge on Twitter.

And it's never too late to join in the fun!

Looking For More?

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MHE Thought Leaders: YouTube Playlists
Looking for more helpful tips or thoughts from industry leaders? Check out a few McGraw-Hill Education YouTube playlists. Take some time to visit—it will be worth it!
Professional Development

Interactive Classroom Tools
On her website, Educational Consultant and Wonders Contributing Author, Kathy Bumgardner, offers her interactive classroom literacy tools that combine research-based instruction, best practices, and positive humor to promote engagement and support your classroom instruction.

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