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Educator Newsletter, Issue 4 | Winter 2018
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I hope you’re having an inspired New Year!

Recently, it was my honor to be part of a McGraw-Hill Education Literacy Symposium—a professional learning opportunity where school leaders across the nation came together with literacy thought leaders and researchers to share their most recent work. As I helped facilitate conversations, I came away challenged, equipped, and inspired.

A piece shared by Dr. Doug Fisher has particularly stuck with me. He walked us through his unfolding research work, focused on answering a powerful question: What makes an assessment-capable learner? His findings will positively impact anyone working to build student agency, and in turn, build student achievement. Assessment-capable learners:
  • Know their current level of understanding.
  • Know where they’re going and are confident to take on the challenge.
  • Select tools to guide their learning.
  • Seek feedback and realize that errors are opportunities to learn.
  • Monitor their progress and adjust their learning.
  • Recognize their learning and teach others.
These six attributes should be part of any of our work around articulating desired student outcomes. These attributes have captured my mind in a personal way, as well. I’m applying Dr. Fisher’s work as part of my reflection and resolution-crafting for the new year.

As I embark into 2018, I am asking: When confronted by a learning task or opportunity, do I honestly reflect on my own level of understanding? Do I look for and embrace new tools which will enrich my work? Do I monitor my own growth and learning, looking for opportunities to share it with others?

In short, I am inspired to be more assessment-capable. Join me!

John Slagle
Senior National Curriculum Specialist

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