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Thrive is a purely digital, core subject, teaching and learning solution that is research-based and proven to improve student learning in the 1:1 powered classroom. It blends advanced technology with multiple proven teaching practices to create a rich standards-based digital learning experience. Thrive allows you to easily plan and manage your 1:1 classroom, personalize learning for your entire classroom, and provide differentiated instructional support.

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About the Program

Thrive helps students learn through discovering and practicing skills in a personalized, collaborative learning environment that engages them with rich digital content that provides timely feedback.

Thrive empowers teachers to easily manage the 1:1 classroom and simplifies lesson planning with predefined standards aligned curriculum that also enables customization to meet the needs of all learners.

Thrive targets learning so advanced students stay challenged and those at risk of falling behind get the remedial help they need while notifying and providing recommendations to the teacher through monitoring real-time data and extensive reports.

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