Music, Movement, and More

Grade Levels: PreK-2
Music, Movement, and More combines the music of Dr. Thomas Moore with storybooks and teacher guides providing strategies for engaging children in literature and movement activities. With Music, Movement, and More the children in your classroom will have fun while you enjoy facilitating the development of their cognitive, social, and physical skills.

About the Program

Music, Movement, and More offers:

  • Three wonderful storybook titles to teach and reinforce early childhood learning skills: Humpty Dumpty Dumpty, Corn on the Cob, and My World of Sounds
  • Each storybook is available in English and Spanish
  • Audio CDs contain the reading of the story and the corresponding song which is sung in both English and Spanish
  • Teacher's Guides for each storybook title offers suggestions for using the songs and books in ways that utilize music and movement to help children develop literacy and other cognitive skills. Activities in guides are in English and Spanish.

Activity Choices:

  • Preparing for the story
  • Sharing the story
  • Reflecting on the story
  • Using the CD
  • Moving to the music
  • Other movement activities
  • Literacy activities
  • Social/emotional, art, fine motor, social studies, and science activities

Each Package includes:

  • Big Book
  • 6-Pack Little Books
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Audio CD


Program Components

  • My World of Sounds Package - Spanish
    My World of Sounds Package - Spanish
  • Corn on the Cob Big Book - English
    Corn on the Cob Big Book - English
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