Everyday Math 4 Program Overview Everyday Math 4 Program Overview

Professional Development

The Virtual Learning Community (VLC)

Connect with the Everyday Mathematics® Authors

The VLC is created and maintained by the UChicago STEM Education center which is also the home of the Everyday Mathematics authors. It includes

  • Videos of Everyday Mathematics lessons in real classrooms.
  • Forums monitored by the authors where users can ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Regular webinars on best practices.

Connect with Educators Across the World

The VLC allows you to interact with more than 21,000 users from around the globe who share their pedagogy and reflect on their teaching practices. You can

  • Participate in discussion groups.
  • Ask questions that are answered by the authors and by McGraw-Hill staff.
  • Upload resources you’d like to share with other teachers.
  • Review and access other teachers' resources.
  • Create and maintain your own private discussion groups.

Implementation Support

In-person Training

To help you get Everyday Mathematics up and running and to provide ongoing support, McGraw-Hill employs a cadre of consultants and trainers, all of whom are required to have taught Everyday Mathematics for at least two years. Implementation training is provided at no charge as part of the program purchase in most adoptions.

To learn more, contact a sales rep.