Building Blocks

Grades PreK–8

Adaptive and personalized based on performance and individual learning needs, Building Blocks™ is a collection of highly researched game-based activities that provide conceptual development, math practice, and remediation within a wide variety of mathematical topics.

An Adaptive, Personalized Learning Experience

This engaging, PreK–8 math program contains nearly 300 fully animated digital activities that cover:

  • Counting
  • Basic math operations
  • Algebraic thinking
  • Geometric shapes
  • Rational numbers
  • Data classification and analysis

Building Blocks™ activities are sequenced using highly researched developmental paths called learning trajectories, which mirror the way students naturally develop mathematical knowledge. With Building Blocks, students can follow personalized learning trajectories based on their performance, and teachers can adjust assignments based on the individual learning needs. Detailed progress reports give teachers the feedback they need to monitor the progress of every student and every class.

Looking for PreK Math?

Building Blocks digital activities are also part of a complete, developmentally appropriate, PreK mathematics curriculum.